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Josh Newman is one of the main characters in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series. He is one of the Twins of legend, along with his sister Sophie


Early LifeEdit

Josh grew up with his sister Sophie, They grew up in many different places since they moved around alot. They also went to several different schools where Josh was normally a Loner and tended to keep to himself. He and his sister also took martial art classes. They eventually moved to San Fransisco where Josh got a job at Nick Fleming's Bookshop.

The AlchemystEdit

Josh is working at the Bookshop when he and his boss Nick Fleming are attacked by the Mysterious Man, John Dee. Dee then steals the codex from Nick Fleming (Nicholas Flamel) after Josh is successfully able to rip the last two pages out of it. They are joined by Perry Fleming (Perenelle Flamel) and his sister Sophie. Dee then Kidnaps Perenelle Flamel and leaves. Josh, Sophie, and Nicholas then leave the remains of the bookstore.

They then drive to a Dojo run by Scathach, a legendary warrior who trained every hero in the past. They pursude Scathach to join them and they leave after they defeat Dee's Golems and rats. The foursome then escape to Hekate's Shadowrealm. Josh accidentally insults Hekate and narrowly avoids getting transformed into green goo.

Josh protests when Sophie has her powers awakened and tries to stop her from doing so. He is then very worried about his sister and is furious at Nicholas for the possibility of killing his sister. Josh also protects Sophie when Dee, Bastet, and The Morrigan attack Hekate. Josh and the others leave Hekate's Shadowrealm and go to Ojai in Dee's Hummer.

While Sophie is learning Air magic from the Witch of Endor, Josh stays in a park across the street. While there he meets John Dee and learns to distrust Nicholas Flamel even more. Josh, Scatty, Sophie, and Nicholas escape from Ojai using ley lines when Dee uses necromancy to attack them with an undead army.

The MagicianEdit

Josh and the others hid from Dee and Machiavelli in Paris and eventually find the Comte de Saint Germain. They go to Germain's house and meet his wife, Joan of Arc. While there Josh recieves a new laptop from Germain and Clarent from Nicholas Flamel. He then trains with Scatty. Later when they are attacked by Nidhogg Josh uses Nidhogg to injure it and goes after Nidhogg after it escaped with Scatty. Josh then fights the remaining Disir before being saved by John Dee.

Josh escapes the Disir with Machiavelli and Dee in a stolen Police Car. The three then ditch the car and then head to the Sewer. Josh thinks about running away but remains with Dee and Machiavelli so he can get his powers awakened. The three then travel throught the Sewer to the Paris Catacombs


  • As revealed in the Magician, Josh has Claustrophobia
  • Before the books Josh was always a loner
  • Josh really likes technology, can't live without his phone or laptop
  • Prefers PCs