Sophie Newman


Pure Silver

Aura Smell


Known Magic

Aura Manipulation, Fire magic, Air Magic



Sophie Newman is one of the main characters in The Secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel Series. She is one of the Twins of legend along with her brother Josh.


Early LifeEdit

Sophie lived with her brother Josh and accompioned her archeologist parents across the United States. She traveled to many different places and learned karate and Tai kwon do in varies dojos across the country with her brother. The twins then moved to San Fransisco to live with their great Aunt. Sophie eventually got a job at the Coffee Cup across the street from the bookstore where her brother worked.

The AlchemystEdit

Sophie is introduced when she is working her summer job at the Coffee Cup and watches a man and a group of golems go into the Bookstore (owned by Nick Fleming) where her brother works. She and Perry Fleming (who happened to be in the coffee shop) rush across the street to the bookstore where they find that the man, Dr. John Dee, and his golems are looking for Nick Fleming. Sophie and Perry reunite with Nick Fleming and Josh as Dee reveals that he has the book of Abraham the mage and then kidnap Perry. Dee and the golems leave as Nick and the twins leave. They then go and meet Scathach and after getting attacked again they leave. They then go to Hekate's Shadowrealm where Sophie's powers are awakened. They leave just before Hekate's Shadowrealm is destroyed.

They then go to see the Wich of Endor in Ojai but along the way Sophie has trouble adjusting to her awakened senses. Sophie meets the witch of endor who passes her knowledge of air magic and all of her memories. They then leave Ojai using Leylines to travel to paris. Just before they leave Sophie goes back for her brother and they both go through the gate together.

The MagicianEdit

Sophie and the Others escape to Paris where they seek refuege with the Comte de Saint Germain and his wife Joan of Arc. Sophie then learns how to control her powers and shape her aura from Joan, and fire magic from Saint Germain. Later Sophie and Joan are attacked by the three Disir. They battle the Disir and they defeat two of the Disir. Sophie, Nicholas and Joan go after Scatty and Josh.

They follow the carnage left by Nidhogg and they find Scatty. Sophie uses Clarent to defeat Nidhogg and saves Scatty. They then discover that Josh has been taken by Machiavelli and Dee. Sophie uses her powers to trace Machiavelli's, Dee's, and Josh's lingering auras. She then finds that they went underground and are heading to the Catacombs in Paris.


Sophie is a very kind person and is very calm compared to her brother Josh. She is also very caring since she cares alot about her friends and family.


Sophie has Blond Hair and Bright blue eyes. She looks alot like her brother Josh



Sophie has a pure silver Aura which is one of the rarest auras. Her aura smells like vanilla but when she is angry it smells sour. Sophie's aura makes it possible for her to have extrodinary powers for example, using her powers to trace the movements of Dee, Machiavelli and Josh when Josh went missing in the Magician.

Aura Manipulation

  • creating Silver Whips
  • Forming Silver Armor
  • Creating a silver glove

Air MagicEdit

Sophie learned Air magic from the Witch of Endor when the witch gave sophie all of her memories

  • Creating Fog
  • Causing Mini Tornadoes/ Cyclones
  • Creating Whirlwinds

Fire MagicEdit

Sophie uses a trigger tattoo to use Fire magic

  • creating small beams of fire
  • creating gloves of fire


Josh NewmanEdit

Sophie is very close to her brother and cares alot about him. Josh and Sophie become start to become distant when her powers are awakened. She also realizes that Josh is extremely Jelous of her new powers.

Nicholas FlamelEdit

Sophie is shocked when she discovers that Nick Fleming is actually Nicholas Flamel. She does have trouble trusting him, especially when Josh goes with Machiavelli and Dee.

Perenelle FlamelEdit

Sophie looks up to Perenelle Flamel, she was really sad when she was captured by John Dee.


Sophie also looks up to Scathach and thinks of her almost like a sister. She trusts Scatty and is amazed by her fighting abilities. Sophie also became worried when she is attacked by Nidhogg and Dagon

Joan of ArcEdit

Sophie trusts Joan and is grateful to her for showing her how to control the witch of endor's memories and her aura

Comte de Saint GermainEdit

Sophie origionally doesn't trust Germain since he is dispised by the Witch of Endor. She later learns to trust him and learns the magic of fire from him.


  • According to her brother Josh, Sophie has Agoraphobia (the fear of large, open places)
  • She moved around a lot when living with her parents, for example Scottsdale, Raleigh, and San Fransisco.