The Disir are a group of three warrior valkyries. They Claim to be the greatest warriors that the world has ever seen. They can control Nidhogg. They are sworn enemies of Scathach. They are invinsible at Twilight (when it is neither night nor day


Before the booksEdit

There used to be more of the Disir but after failing to control Nidhogg they were all wiped out except for three. Also at some point they fought with Scathach and became enemies.

The MagicianEdit

They are first seen when they are summoned to help Niccolo Machiavelli and John Dee to defeat the Shadow and help them capture Nicholas Flamel and the Twins. They transform into Valkeries and Summon Nidhogg and then attack Saint Germain, Joan of Arc, The twins, and Nicholas Flamel.

Other NamesEdit

  • Shieldmaidens
  • Choosers of the Dead
  • Warriors of (cut off before they could finish)
  • Valkyries


They seem to have a lot of pride because they dislike getting ordered around or being told to do something and they call themselves the greatest warriors the wrold has ever seen


Normally they look like triplets with the only distiguishable feature is different color blue eyes. They have shoulder length Blond Hair and have angular faces (sharp cheek bones, deep sulken eyes, pointed chins). They wear black tank tops, leather jackets, jeans, and boots.

As Valkyries they wear long ice white chain mail, metal boots, leather & metal gauntlets, rounded Helmets that protects their eyes and noses and white leather belts which has their sheaths and pouches that contain flat stone like objects used to summon Nidhogg. They also have swords, and each of them have another weapon (spear, double-headed Axe, or a war Hammer.)