The Morrigan is the celtic goddess of crows. She is one of the dark elders and helped Dr. John Dee on several Occassions. She also helped Dee and Bastet in the attack on Hekate's shadow realm
Morrighan 19

The Morrigan


Before the BooksEdit

The Morrigan and her two sisters were born sometime after the fall of Danu Talis. The Morrigan later became known to the Celtics as a crow goddess. She eventually became one of the Dark Elders and met with John Dee and brought him to an elder who granted him immortality.

The AlchemystEdit

The Morrigan helped John Dee by sending her crows after Nicholas Flamel, Scathach and the Twins and later helped John Dee when Perenelle Flamel tried to escape from the Magician. She, Bastet, and Dr. John Dee later attack Hekate's Shadowrealm to obtain the missing pages from the Codex.